• 99% Ammonium Bifluoride
  • Nature:

    Ammonium hydrogen fluoride is the crystallizationof the melting point 125 C boiling point 230 degree C density 1.5 white orcolourless clear inclined crystal system. The commodity is flaky and slightlyacidic. It is easily dissolved in water and decomposed in hot water, and thewater solution is strong acid.

  • Application
  • Product Specifications

    It is mainly used for the processing of electronicproducts, such as LCD TV, as analytical reagent, such as micro analysis ofzirconium. Ceramic and magnesium alloys are prepared with hydrofluoric acid andglass etching agents, fermented industrial disinfectants and preservatives.

    It is also used as an analytical reagent and a bacterial inhibitor. It is alsoused as the beryllium beryllium and silicon steel plate surface treatmentagent, and also used in the manufacture of ceramics and magnesium alloys. Theboiler gives the system and steam system cleaning and descaling, as well as theoil field sand and acid treatment, and also the alkylation and isomerizationcatalyst components. 

    Used as glass extinction, cream, etching agent. It is usedas wood protective agent, aluminum brightening agent, as electroplating andelectronic industry as analytical reagent.

    Package: 25kg paper bag/plastic bag with pallet.