Participate in the Shanghai 2018CPHI Exhibition

Release Time:2018-06-28Views:830

In June 20th to June 22nd, Ronzlle company participated in the 2018 CPhI China 2018 eighteenth world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition. CPHI is an exhibition that has greatly increased international influence in recent years. In June this year, it is based on China's Shanghai to strengthen the popularity and radiance of the raw materials, intermediates and auxiliary drugs of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, and further strengthen the cooperation between the world and China. This year's exhibition in Shanghai ushered in 45000 professional spectators and 3000 exhibitors. It can be said to be a large international exhibition.

In the medical industry, the products such as potassium fluoride, sodium fluoride and furfural produced by the company are paid more attention by customers both at home and abroad, and the customers are involved in traders, terminal users and so on. We carry forward the corporate culture and actively talk with it, and introduce the brilliant development history of our group, leaving a good impression on our customers. Establish initial contact with customers and submit business cards to each other.

Potassium fluoride can be used as analytical reagent and complex forming agent in medical field. Furfural is the raw material and catalysis of organic compounds, and other products have their own use in medicine. Chairman Shen Zong advocates that we are good at investigating and studying. Participation in international exhibitions has a great positive effect on promoting fluorine salt products and understanding customer needs, and it will also increase the possibility of cooperation on the basis of two-way face-to-face interaction.